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First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura in a meeting of the Federation of Cuban Women's.
"The FMC has experiences and accomplishments that show that a lot can be done. To foster this, we must increase ties with the community, be well informed to produce opportune and precise answers and work hard on a daily basis," said Machado Ventura.

FMC General Secretary Yolanda Ferrer said that while the challenges faced by the organization are greater it is ready to take them on.

The meeting's agenda discussed several pressing issues including the work of women centers, the return of more than 80,000 homemakers to the classroom, the need to increase women's awareness of the importance of cytological exams and working with the family to change unhealthy lifestyles.

The FMC National Committee said their upcoming Eighth Congress should be characterized by its critical approach, capacity for debate and fighting spirit.


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