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In Interview with TeleSUR in Havana, Alarcon called the recent elections
In an exclusive interview with TeleSUR in Havana, Alarcon called the recent elections "a moment of much historic significance" in which Raul Castro emerged president of the Council of State.

According to him, the most important outcome "is a message of very solid unity among all revolutionaries and patriots, among several generations."

He noted that the existing combination of generations secures the continuity of the Revolution, and what is very important, he said, its founder, Commander in Chief (Fidel Castro), is still present.

Regarding US threats against the Revolution, Alarcon added that when Fidel Castro yielded his functions, US officials said they would prevent the handover, as established by the Cuban Constitution.

However, he added, the Cuban people reaffirmed their full independence last Sunday.

"We made a clear decision, electing Raul to preside over the Council of State and the Council of Ministers, challenging those who said it could not be so."

Alarcon said we are entering a new stage filled with challenges, threats, but with many advantages "to defend the socialist project", and recalled that elections went on for several months to consult the entire population.

Among upcoming steps, Alarcon included the realignment of the central government, ministries and central state bodies for more efficiency.

In his Sunday address, Raul Castro requested time to introduce the new Council of Ministers to the National Assembly, and proposed a realignment of the government body, suggesting that it can be simplified and the number of ministries reduced.


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