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The events program included 13 offers: eleven feature and short fiction films, representing the contemporary Norwegian film that as of 2001 has added several new productions with unusual good promotion inside and outside the country.

Following its presentation in the Cuban capital, the Norwegian season will also be enjoyed in the Cuban eastern provinces of Granma and Santiago de Cuba before it travels around other Latin American capitals, among them Managua, Nicaragua; Panama City, Panama; Caracas, Venezuela; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago de Chile, Chile and Montevideo, Uruguay.

The season was inaugurated with the showing of the short film "Neighbours" (Naboer, 2005), a Norwegian- Danish- Swedish co-production directed by Pal Sletaune. It is an excellent thriller, in which the protagonist, John, recently abandoned by his girlfriend is seduced by his two attractive neighbors, Anne and Kim, whom he has just met. For his interpretation of John, actor Kristoffer Poner was nominated for the Amanda awards.

The Norwegian-Swedish documentary film "Cool and Crazy" (Heftig og begeistret, 2001), which among many prizes won the Amanda Awards to the Best Film and the Best Documentary Film, was presented by his director, renowned filmmaker Knut Erik Jense. It tells the story of a choir comprised of 30 men who live in the small fishing town of Berlevag, facing the fierce Barents Sea.

Sara Johnsens first work "Winter kiss" (Vinterkyss, 2005), was also showed. It won the Gran Prix to the Best Film at the American Film Institute, Los Angeles, and the Amanda Awards to the Best Lead Actress, granted to Annika Hallin. The film tells the story of Victoria, who begins a new life working as a doctor in a small Norwegian village. She devotes herself to her work, trying to forget the past, until one morning when she finds a young man dead...

Movie-goers were also able to enjoy a Norwegian-Icelandic fiction co-production "The Annoying Man" (Ben brysomme mannen, 2006) directed by Jens Lien. It relates the arrival of 40 year-old Andreas to a strange city, but he doesnt remember how he got there. The film was granted the ACID prize at the Cannes Film Festival 2006. It also won the prize to the Best Director in Athens and FIPRESCI in Gotemburgo, as well as the awards granted by the Critics and the Science Fiction Jury of the Gerardmer Fiction Film Festival.

"Hawaii", Oslo (2004) is Erik Poppes second film. It is a fiction drama that relates five love stories and five destinies, all influencing one another. It received the Amanda Awards to the Best Film of the Year and the Best Script in 2004.

The season continued with the Norwegian-Swedish comedy "Kitchen Stories" (2003) by Bent Hamer. It takes us back to 1944 Norway, when housewives and experts in home economics create the Home Research Institute HFI aimed at developing new and better products in order to improve the working conditions at home. This film has received several prizes, among them, the Amanda Awards to the Best Film of the Year and the Golden Swam award at the Copenhagen Festival.

Elling (2001) is the second production of author, director and actor Petter Naess. The film was nominated for an Oscar in 2002 in the category of Best Foreign Film. After spending two years in a mental institution, Elling is ready to go back to the real world. Social workers give him and his roommate an apartment in Oslo...

The feature film "Music for Weddings and Funerals" (Musikk for bryllup og begravelser 2002) by filmmaker Unni Straume, had its Cuba premiere as part of the Norwegian season. It tells the story of Sara, a novelist who after the divorce and the death of his only child took refuge in the modernistic house of her ex --the architect. Likewise, the film won the Amanda Awards to the Best Lead Actress and the Nordic Councils Film Award, as well as The People's Prize at the Nordic Festival, France, among others.

"Mars & Venus" (2007), directed by Eva Dahr, is a comedy. Dedicated to movie-goers who dream of a different life, it appeals to all those couples that insist on the divorce. It was nominated for the Amanda Awards.

"Ole Bull"Conqueror of Heaven" (Ole Bull-Himmelstormeren, 2006), by Aslak Asrthus is based on the life of Ole Bull, the King of Violin who was considered a superstar in Norway. The film won the prize to the Best Script at the Milan Documentary Film Festival, Italy.

The detective film "Children" (Sonner, 2006) by Erik Richter Strand tells the story of Lasr, 25, who works as a security guard in a pool in eastern Oslo, Lasr has a good heart, but a quick temper. He and his friend Jorgem have a troubled past. Upon realizing that a man is fooling around with local teenagers... This production was nominated for the Amanda Awards in four categories, including Best Film and Best Director.

"One" (2004) was produced by Aksel Hennie and Jon Andreas Andersen. It tells the story of David, a 25 year-old who lives in Oslo and very few prospects for the future. He works at a gym and most of his time with young criminals... It was awarded the prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the Lubeck Festival and the Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival, Ukrania.


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