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The news was known during the recently concluded 17th International Book Fair at the San Carlos de La Cabaña Fortress, where the book received a good welcome.

Under the sponsorship of the youth magazine El Caimán Barbudo and the recording studios of the Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales (EGREM, after its initials in Spanish), 15 singers from several provinces will put voice and melody to the letters that start every chapter of the famous book.

Fidel Díaz Castro, director of the magazine, informed to AIN that important singer, such as Eduardo Sosa, Juan Carlos Pérez y Adriano García will take part in the record. Adriano Garcia is considered one of the greater voices of the Cuban songs today.

He emphasized in the presence of young guitar and singing talents, such as Ormán Cala, Yaíma Orozco, Camila Díaz, Tony Ávila and the duet Liens and Reyes from Matanzas city, together with Diego Cano, Michel Portela, Marchena, Fernando Bécquer and Ray Fernández.

He indicated that the election to close the record is the prestigious group Columbia del Puerto, from Cardenas city, who will perform in guaguanco style the song "Yo sé de un monte sagrado", accompanied by Adriano Rodríguez.

Provisionally named La voz del diablo, the recording will start in the last days of this month and its launching is planned to take place at the Arte en la Rampa fair, next summer in the capital.

El Diablo Ilustrado, whose author is not known, started as a poetic section of the Somos Jovenes magazine and quickly captured the interest of the Cuban public, to, later on, became two books. In the second book are the themes of the future record.


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