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In Paris World premiere of Café Vista Alegre de Cuba
The Café Vista Alegre really existed in Havana between 1898 and 1948 and was a place of gatherings of great figures such as Sindo Garay, Miguel Matamoros, Fernando Ortiz and Arsenio Rodriguex, said to Prensa Latina the artistic director of the project in France, Dominique Roland.

The idea came up from a proposal in 2002 made by the deceased singer Noel Nicola to "Pancho" Amat. To get back the mystic of the Café Vista Alegre with the environment there still is in the Havana area of Belascoain and Malecon streets.

The group that will perform here here is made by Amat y su Cabildo together with the percussionist Ricardo "Papín" Abreu (director of Los Papines), the former singer of Son 14, Eduardo "Tiburón" Morales and the pianist Emilio Morales.

A small performance to critic and journalist left the impression that popular songs, sones and danzones will have in France the best impact, due to the exquisite professionalism of the musicians.

"It is a smaller format, with the innovation of adding film material that will be showed in three screens during the concert", indicated Oscar Leon, General Manager of the Cuban company Musicalia, belonging to Artex.

Carmen Mayans executive producer of the show commented that there was a great interest for the recital and specialists, the media and genera public will fill the hall of the Enghien-le-Bains Arts Center in Parisian outskirts.

"Our dear percussionist Tata Güines, who recently died, will be in the center of the presentation of Café Vista Alegre, a project we hope will captivate Europe and can even be taken to Japan in the future", she added.


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