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This eastern province of Las Tunas, Cuba has increased International Help in Several Countries.
The delegate for the Ministry of the Economic Investment and the Foreign Collaboration (MINVEC), Carmela Gámez, pointed out that at the end of 2007 there were 2, 442 local specialists working in several countries from Africa and Latin America.

Carmela stood out the recognition that different counties have made for the services they have received in the health, education, sport, agriculture, and construction, among others branches.

An example is the respect felt in the regions of Venezuela, such as Nueva Esparta, Sucre and Isla Margarita, where the Cubans have carried out an outstanding work in health and education.

According to Carmela Gámez several inhabitants from this province have also fought with their weapons for the independence of Algeria in the 60's last century, altruistic expression and of pride for the Cuban people.


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