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Although he decided that he would neither aspire nor accept his reelection on February 24, Fidel Castro will continue to be the Commander in Chief of all revolutionaries.

Those asked by Prensa Latina lauded the work and total commitment of the leader of the Cuban Revolution in his effort to build a just, independent and sovereign society.

Health worker Antonio Gonzalez said Fidel Castro would continue to be "our maximum leader and our maximum inspirer in the defense of socialism and sovereignty." "I think that, as always, Fidel has shown his political courage and confidence in his people and in the new man and women created along these 50 years of Revolution," said Gonzalez, adding that his reflections published on local media will continue to be useful to the process he started.

Gonzalez noted that the Commander in Chief himself prepared the people for this moment, and both the leaders who have accompanied him and the younger ones are ready to assume the responsibilities resulting from his decision.

For his part, employee Eduardo Carvelli pointed out that although Fidel Castro is not officially heading the government and the State, he will continue to be the soul and guide of the Cuban Revolution and our Commander in Chief forever.

Worker Olga Same noted that the Cuban president"s decision makes him greater and immortalizes him, and is consistent with Jose Marti"s thought that "all the glory of the world fits in a kernel of corn." Journalism student Sergio Alejandro Gomez said Fidel"s decision does not mean a fault in the continuity of the Revolution, for which the younger generations of Cuban revolutionaries will continue to fight.

He added that our Commander in Chief"s reflections could contribute a lot to the defense of our independence and in his frontal struggle against imperialism.

He quoted Fidel Castro"s message when he said, "The adversary to be defeated is extremely strong; however, we have been able to keep it at bay for half a century."


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