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With the world: The XV May Romerias in Holguín, Cuba
With the main hope of founding the World Festival of Artistic Youth, dedicated, this time to the Mexican State of Tamaulipas and the city of Quito in Ecuador.The Hermanos Saíz Association, the main star of this event, is calling the best musicians, theatre players, researchers, dancers, writers, painters and cultural promoters to celebrate the Party of Tradition and Modernity in the streets and spaces of the third Cuban capital, a unique stage of great concerts and performances, simultaneous exhibitions, workshops and public dances. There will be also social and cultural reflections at the Interactive Social Forum.
The debate about the universality of our regional cultures, the tribute to the founding fathers, the inter relationship between the arts and the generations and the most experimental exercises and the avant-garde will be held in the week starting the 2nd of May until the 8 of the same month. Here we have the compromise of facing the new promotions and the urgency of offering a more precise view of what we think and what is our place in the world, seen not only from the capital cities, but also from the point of view of those who create and work in the arts in the most diverse regions, notwithstanding the lack of recognition and the limited promotion in the media.

The Romerías de Mayo invite you to take part in the main events of the World Festival of Artistic Youth:

Our Memory Award

Babel - Open City: from the village, to the island to the world.

Literature: a bridge, a great bridge

IV meeting of street theatre and dance

Meeting of roots

International audio visual show - the blue camera

Party of Hugs

Great concerts.


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