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Polo Montañez Group to launch CD
Due to the international engagements of the group, the disc launch was postponed, but now in February the month of Love, the awaited launch to the public may come true.

Fernando Borrego Linares, better known as Polo Montañez (El Brujito), Pinar del Río Province, Cuba, June 5, 1955 - Havana, November 26, 2002, was a lauded Cuban singer-songwriter.

Since he was a child his love of music trapped him and he played the Conga drum at the age of 7, the guitar later and used to sing a long with his father in some family parties.

Of humble origin, coal merchant, this did not prevent him from loving music and composing marvellous lyrics. He was a very popular singer with a legendary history and a short and intense professional career.

At the age of 44, he had over 70 songs written autodidactically, because he had neither professional training nor musical knowledges rather than those he learned from listening to sounds from the hill.

His convincing and well-pitched voice allowed him to meet people, travel and sing. His musical success began in Colombia where he won Platinum and Gold discs. Later, he succeeded throughout Cuba and his art pleased children, youths and adults.

His fame was quick, like that of lighting, he marked everybody and went away, but remained in the memory of his admirers who are a lot and will never forget him.

On November 26, 2002, aged 47 and after fighting for his life following a tragic road accident, death took him. Polo rests in peace in the cemetery of the town of Candelaria in Pinar del Río.

In his discography highlights go to Guajiro Natural - CD Lusafrica 362202 (2000), Guitarra mía - CD Lusafrica 362502 (2002), Memoria - CD Lusafrica 462222 (2004), El Guajiro - DVD Lusafrica 462438 (2005).


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