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The China Central Television (CCTV) opened three channels in Cuba.
The China Central Television (CCTV) opened three channels in Cuba on Sunday, marking the completion of a three-phase project over the past five years.

Rolando Alfonso Borges, who heads the Ideological Department of the Cuban Communist Party's Central Committee, attended a ceremony to launch CCTV Channel 4, CCTV Channel 9 and CCTV-E.

Tian Jin, deputy director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and Chinese Ambassador Zhao Rongxian were also present at the gathering.

Cuban and Chinese officials said the two countries will further their cooperation and make TV programs a bridge of understanding and friendship between the Cuban and the Chinese peoples.

Meanwhile, officials said Cuban TV programs are also making headway in China, with services already landing in 16 provinces.


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