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108 movies, including the ones made by young foreign students from the San Antonio de los Baños International School and the Higher Arts Institute, are competing for the Mirada del Otro Award. The movies will be evaluated by a jury, chaired by Julio García Espinosa.

At the same time will be showed 88 movies produced by ICAIC, 21 of them of Santiago Álvarez and 144 from another 154 countries.

All these movies will be showed at the de 23 y 12, Chaplin and Multicine Infanta cinemas and Titón and Charlot theatres of the Cinematographic Cultural Center and different universities.

The president of the exhibition, Jorge Luis Sánchez, indicated that this for the first time the exhibition is extending out of the capital city (city of Cienfuegos) and specified the need of making the event a workshop for debate and reflection and the search of solutions to "say more with fewer resources".

The special guest, the Chilean Matías Bize (En la cama) is bringing a sample of his work. There will be also seasons of movie fictions made by the Polish producer Krysztof Zanussi and documentaries of the US David and Albert Maysles. The event will also have four exhibitions: one about Santiago Alvarez, another two about posters made by Sara Vega and the very worrying Ghost Posters, of posters of scripts that were never shot.


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