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Cuban writers, musicians and plastic artists who are part of the islands avant-garde with a book over The Five Heroes
The Capital San Luis publishing House put this title in circulation last 12 of September, a date of the ninth anniversary of the unjust imprisonment of the anti terrorist fighters in the USA and the day of the first solidarity world journey with the Five.

The book was later on, well received at the literary events of Caracas, Buenos Aires and Guadalajara, where it promoted the knowledge of the rigged judicial process and the world ignorance in the manipulative power exercised by the press transnational companies.

Juan Carlos Rodríguez, director of the Publishing House said to AIN that now the book will reach the Cuban houses. He emphasized that the book was a special effort of 18 writers and poets, 20 plastic artists and 10 musicians with works inspired in the life of The Five.

The result is a very special book, with an invaluable human and artistic value and that motivated Antonio Guerrero, one of The Five, to respond with proverbial drawings the 26 pieces created by the plastic artists. These pieces will be placed at La Cabaña Fortress in the presentation of the book, announced Rodriguez.
He emphasized that the book was also published in English, while he expressed his satisfaction because the volume is one of the 12 finished in 2007 by Capitan San Luis, all of them in the Fair.

Other books are La guerra biológica contra Cuba (The biological war against Cuba), a rigorous research about all the terrorist attacks against Cuba in that field and La madrugada de los perros (The night of the dogs) a book about the attempts of illegal migration in Tarará, in which several Cuban soldiers were murdered.


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