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Isabel Rubio an Exceptional Cuban Woman
These two events sum up the situation in Cuba at that time, when the impotence of the Spanish metropolis turned its soldiers into assassins, able to fire on a blood hospital where only injured people, children and women were together with that stoic mambisa who warned them not to commit such a crime.

But fear did not let them think, so killed those defenceless people and injured that woman who minimized them with so much courage.

Perhaps she said to herself the words she once said to her son Modesto, after his imprisonment: "Rather die than let them catch you again", but independence was close, the reaction of the enemy was assuring that before the wound in the leg should heal, the Cuban flag would be waving freely in her town Paso Real de Guane and the entire Island.

On the other hand the United States was cooking up greed, and three weeks before the blast, the Maine had arrived by petition of the American consul in the island. It was the moment to make an old dream come true by hindering Cuban victory, and a self attack would justify the intervention in order to defend American interests.

The gangrene dominated the body of the "Captain of the West", a mother and grandmother that left comforts to develop a restless labor of propaganda, proselytism and take to the fields her pharmacy knowledge in a campaign hospital for more than five decades.

With the blast of the Maine, an infection took the power of the Island when the United States intervened to seize the economic, agricultural and strategic force Cuba represented, and therefore snatched the triumph from the mambises.

The barbarian fact of the Maine, a strategy the United States repeat when they intend to seize a country, has negatively endured as a pretext of defending the security of their citizens; but no one buys that anymore.

However, that attitude of Isabelita made her life an example that is relived nowadays among those who defend our achievements as she did, in a people that remembers her and dresses up as a "mambí" to make the new American presidents swallow their lies and the General García enters victoriously to Santiago.


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