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The 33rd Vuelta a Cuba Cycling Tour the Saturday in Pinar del Río.
And not because we are among the last, would enjoy it least, quite the opposite, since the best cyclist of the province and four-time champ of the tour is representing us and everything points to him winning his fifth title.

Pedro Pablo Perez might become the second cyclist with most wins in Cuban tours history, only surpassed by that great and also from Pinar Eduardo Alonso, who won six times.

Tomorrows stage starts from Artemisa and tours Candelaria, San Cristobal municipality, climbs La Muralla and goes past by Niceto Perez, Fierro, San Diego de los Baños, Consolacion del Sur and Pinar del Río.

The intermediate goals are placed in Candelaria, San Diego and Consolación, we expect that Roger Rodríguez fights for keeping his position among the first in this category.

San Cristobal will host the tour on Sunday again, this time as a start of the final stage from that municipality to Havana Capitol.


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