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The film Viva Cuba (Long Live Cuba) by Juan Carlos Cremata has thus far accumulated 34 awards.
The most recent ones came over the weekend: the FEMI 2008 Grand Prize for the Best Feature Film of the International Women and Cinema Festival held in the island of Guadeloupe, and the prize for the Best Male Acting performance for Jorge Miro, the films lead actor, at the Santo Domingo Film Festival.

But as he enjoys these prizes one by one, the Cremata is anxious about seeing the reaction of the public to his next movie: El premio flaco. The film is a silver screen version of the stage play of the same name by Hector Quintero, considered by critics as a classic of vernacular theater.

"We have concluded shooting; we had a great time. Well begin editing this month. I hope to finish it in time for it to be one of the Cuban film options at the next Havana Film Festival in December," said Cremata.

The director expressed his appreciation for the work of his film crew, including several family members. The filmmaker shares his production work with his mother, Iraida Malberti; and has entrusted its artistic direction and the sound track to his cousins Guillermo and Amaury Ramirez, respectively.

"To me the most surprising achievement was the response of the actress that plays Iluminada, the protagonist: Rosa Vasconcelos. Despite her many years as a theater actress, no one had discovered her enormous histrionic potential. Even Hector Quintero himself, who remembers excellent interpretations of that role in the past, like that of late great Candita Quintana, exclaimed when he saw her: Why, if it isnt Iluminada!"

"I also hope that moviegoers can appreciate the performances of actors they have seen in other roles, which, to me are very convincing, like that of Carlos Gonzalvo, the well known comedian 'Mentepollo of the Deja que yo te cuente television show," adds Cremata.

As for the old issue of movie versions of stage plays, Creamata clarified: "I dont expect controversy in this case. Obviously, my language is that of cinema, but Quinteros play will be reflected on the big screen. We have been faithful to it."


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