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On display are magic lanterns, holographic lamps, gramophones, magnetic films, projecting cameras and all sort of devises covering over a century of filmmaking, while other gadgets such as spare parts and pictures attest to the technological development of this trade in the past 100 years or so.

One of the big attractions of the exhibition are copies of Cuban patents granting permission for the commercialization in the Island of French film equipment made by Pathe company, dating back to 1914.

As a travelling exhibit of high historical value, the museum still lacks a permanent venue.

In charge of its conservation is researcher and organizer Paul Chaviano.

Cuban Cinematheque and its museum are part of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC), founded 49 years ago, in 1959, following one of the first cultural decrees by the Cuban Revolution, then in its first year of life. Charles Chaplin theatre usually hosts seasons featuring the best of the worlds film heritage of all times.


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