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The World Premiere of a Cuban Film Titled
Directed by young filmmakers Adrian Replanski and Leonid Lopez and produced by the Movimiento Nacional de Video de Cuba, the film was shown at a special screening of this Canadian festival, which not only promotes domestic and foreign French language films but also accepts productions of particular aesthetic merit.

Fábrica de Humo tells the story of Sebastian, an unemployed and disaffected 28-year-old who faces his family's disapproval. One day, in response to these pressures, he creates his own, fictitious workplace, in a workshop where he is the sole employee.

The workplace, created by Sebastian in an abandoned factory, draws the attention of an old man, Pimentel. At times complementary, at times at odds with each other, their differing characters, experience, age and principles find expression in this ambiguous place.

This narrative, however, plays but a secondary role in a film which seeks to explore the idiosyncratic values of Cubans and make the viewer question immediate, everyday issues - many a times not unique to Cuba -such as the social imperative to enjoy all the time, human solidarity, morality and pragmatism.

Shot entirely in sequence shots, Fábrica de Humo is also striking for its photography, directed by master cinematographer Raul Rodriguez (Nada +, Páginas del diario de Mauricio). This time, Rodriguez offers us elegant long takes which stray from Cuban cinematic tradition.

The 102 minute film features Israel Guerra as Sebastian, Norberto Blanco as Pimentel, and Hector Echemendia and Miriam Martinez as Sebastian's parents.

Yet to be exhibited in Cuba , the film was shown at the Vancouver International Film Center, venue of the 14e Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois et Francophone.


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