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The bi-national industry is located in the town of Covadonga in the south-central province of Cienfuegos. Aleman said the factorys goal is to produce ten million liters of alcohol in 2008 for export.

If the goal is reached sales will be around US $5.5 million and signify a major recovery for the factory.

The plant had been inactive due to a lack of its main raw material, the syrup derived from processing sugarcane.

Sugar mills in the provinces of Cienfuegos and Villa Clara will supply 80 percent of the 90,000 tons of syrup needed for the industrial process during the current season, said Aleman.

Last year the main purchasers of ALFICSA production were the Havana Club Run factory and the Suchel Camacho perfume and cosmetic firm, the first located in Santa Cruz del Norte and the latter in the Cuban capital.

With the use of steam generated by the nearby Antonio Sanchez sugar mill in the distillation process, ALFICSA expects to reduce its energy consumption by 16 percent, equivalent to a drop in cost of US $1.50 for each hectoliter (100 liters) of alcohol produced.


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