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The Caribbean Dance Creation in Cuba
It is already known that it is born from a religious magical space that as men socializes enters in a complicity with his partner, attend a recreation where the collectiveness - can be said diversity - contribute identity elements of something that with good and bad things provoke the slippery of the primary sense the identification dance had with the spirit to a liturgy a relationship cult (expectation, reading, decodification) and just not only with the participation.
A different instance in which people has to ask (choreographer, dancer, spectator): what? who? how? when? where?

That is all about, to create an exchange, confrontation and dialogue space between the colleagues from the Caribbean . It is a platform to elevate our art to an international category of recognition and validity.
Organized by the National Council of Stage Arts in Cuba and the collaboration of Culturesfrance and Brownstone Foundation, the Caribbean Dance Biennale will be, undoubtedly, the right realization to increase our cultural relationships and a human improvement for every body: choreographer, dancers, teachers, researchers, students, public and so on.

Create participation synergies, improvements and connection between the richness and multiplicity in approaching ways towards the Caribbean dance creation, is an instrument much more efficient to feel us and to raise us as better creative people.

Our dance, as Béjart says must hold to unity. Unity of that split human being, because his soul, his body and his spirit have no time to reunite. The choreographic art of this instant must boost that unity in front of the disintegration is threaten us every day.


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