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In the period from October last year until January this year ended their studies over 100 thousand people, which show the interest of the children, young people and adults.

Executives from the program of the Joven Club of Computing confirmed that there are over 600 institutions that have graduated over one million 310 people from different groups of the population in the last 20 years.

Using this initiative, created the 8 of September 1987, Cuba has given a boost to the teaching of computing and electronics, as well as the creation of educational and creative software.

Nowadays the program has 760 teachers, who are graduated from specialised master programs.

Today the Joven Club have a over 125 thousand students and also gives attention to the University of Information technologies, disabled people and person of the third age.

The Joven Club favour the surfing through the network Cuba, the e-mail communication between the Cuban collaborators abroad and their families and the diffusion of the Cuban reality in the internet.


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