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The XXIX 2008 International Jazz Plaza Festival in Havana
The festival will receive important figures from different countries. From Brazil, will come Tania María and Jao Donato, from Spain Martirio, from the USA Stephen Killon, from Argentina Negras Musas, Luis Salinas, Tito Oliva and Tango en tres.

The total number of foreign guests will be more than 20 and they will be accompanied by 36 Cuban musicians, among them: José Luis Cortés with NG La Banda, Bobby and Robertico Carcassés, Elmer Ferrer, Diákara, El Greco, Piloto and Klímax, Jorge Reyes, Mayra Caridad, Maracas, Los Van Van, Roberto Fonseca, Rolando Luna, Ernán López-Nussa, Bellita, Javier Salva, Peruchín Jr., César López, Sexto Sentido and trobadours like Pablo Milanés and William Vivanco.

One of the main shows will be the concert that will give Chucho with Pablo Milanés at the Mella theatre on Sunday the 17th. He will be there with his new group New Conception. On Saturday the 16th at 9:00 pm will be a tribute at the Amadeo Roldan Theatre to the deceased Spanish piano player Tete Montoliu. His daughter will assist to the tribute.

25 years ago, in 1983, Tania Maria made her first visit to the event and gave it an international category, becoming it the International Jazz Plaza Festival. The Brazilian pianists played under a rain with a thunderous ovation. The concert left her totally exhausted that she had to seat behind the stage.

Some of the guests will make CD's and documentaries of their presentations, such as Negras Musas from Argentina and Jao Donato from Brasil.

The presentations will be at the Mella theatre, Bellas Artes Theatre Hall, Carlos Marx, Pabellón Cuba, La Comparsita de Varadero, Amadeo, América and the Cultural House of Plaza that is being remodelled for this ocasión.

As part of the event it will be held a theoretical colloquium, masterly classes, conversations, showing of documentaries, sale of magazines and Jam Sessions. Alexis Vázquez Aguilera is the vice-president and Nieves Candelario the executive director.


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