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Cuban television revealed an official call to set up the Peoples' Power National Assembly February 24
Cuban First Vice President Raul Castro states in the note:

The Council of State of the Republic of Cuba, using powers conferred in Article 90 of the country's Constitution and in accordance with the provisions of the October 29, 1992 Electoral Law 72, Article 137, has adopted the following accord.

To stipulate that February 24, 2008 at 10 a.m. in Havana's International Conference Center, deputies elected in the January 20 elections to join the Peoples' Power National Assembly come to create such Assembly for a new Legislature.

The note also adds that the agreement must be informed to Presidents of the Peoples' Power National Assembly, National Electoral Commissions and Candidatures, as well as how many natural or legal people correspond.

This note will be published in the Official Gazette.


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