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Interesting Debates on Taboo Subjects in Workshop Gender and Communication in the East of Cuba
The appropriate treatment of these topics in the Mass Media constitutes one of the newfangled aspects that generates this encounter favored by the Cuban Association of Journalists (UPEC), the Federation of Cuban Women and the Association of Social Communicators, for the sake of promoting the development of a society of mutual respect between both genders.

Thirty materials that analyze the topic of the gender from the most archaic sexist expressions until educational proposals that approach a different human being, were presented in the event that gathered some sixty specialists from the provinces of Holguín, Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey.

Journalists, psychologists, educators and Doctors in Sciences worked as jury in four work commissions of this regional encounter to grant recognitions to the authors of 11 materials that were nominated to the 8th Ibero-American Encounter Gender and Communication to be held in Havana from May 27 to 29.

Las Tunas classified with three works belonging to the journalists Niuver Rodríguez and Robiel Proenza, from local television, and that of Raúl Estrada Zamora, from the printed pess, as long as Holguín made it with the report about the woman's pejorative treatment in the music, by Teresa Santos, the documentary by Jorge Quevedo and Ana Gloria González, and the report on the treatment to the topic of the homosexuality in the community radio, by Daer Pozo.

Camagüey achieved two recognitions with the products Violence against the woman, by Yamila Fernández, and the Homosexuality from a gender perspective, a documentary by Reinier Barrero.

The other prizes were obtained by the province of Santiago de Cuba about the violence against the woman, by Mayté García and the Labor Legality for the Woman, by Betty Beatón, and the investigation on the treatment of the topic of the AIDS in the media, by the representative from Guantánamo Orlaidys Sánchez.

The Regional Workshop Gender and Communication in the eastern provinces of Cuba, was preceded by that of the central part of the country, and will continue with those that will be carried out in the western area and in the national mass media before the end of February, previous to the Ibero-American event in May.


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