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Restored and Turn into a Residential Home for the Elderly in the Old Havana
"The building "located at 226 Cuba Street at the corner of OReilly Street" has two floors and an interior courtyard that will provide it with a nice and airy environment, with plenty of vegetation," said Aníbal del Prado, specialist of the World Heritage Architecture Office.

Among other values of the building are its beautiful marble floors and mural paintings, which will also be restored. On the second floor of the building there was a continuous balcony which will be renovated and will replace the current small balconies.

The facility will offer medical consultation, massages and gym services and will include healthcare assistance for people with handicaps.

The project, which is being financed by the Sociedad de Zamoranos, will also include the opening of access from OReilly Street to offer public food services. As elderly people will live in the building, the instalment of an elevator that does not affect its architectural values has been foreseen.

The building has gone through several transformations at different stages. Since its construction, it has been inhabited by different owners who contributed considerably to its deterioration.

The World Heritage Architecture Office is also in charge of the restoration of the Convento de Belén, another residential home for the elderly that will host up to 70 people. The home is almost finished and renovated area offers food services, exercise, healthcare assistance and a game room.

Among other works completed in 2007 are the Brad Puig Museum House, a childrens park on Teniente Rey Street at the corner of Compostela; and the Marquis de Prado Ameno House, a guesthouse that will be connected to the famous Florida Hotel. The restoration of the Museum of Music, the Castillo de la Fuerza and the Firefighters Museum are works slated for 2008.


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