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The protocols were penned by Cubas Minister for Foreign Investment and Economic Collaboration Marta Lomas and Cape Verde's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Communities, Victor Manuel Barbosa.

The signing ceremony rounded off the 15th Session of Cuba-Cape Verde Intergovernmental Commission held in Havana during the past two days.

Speaking to reporters, the African official said that Cubas cooperation work with his country, which started some 30 years ago, has been very important for the development of the people of Cape Verde and he added that the new agreements will further boost the social and economic sectors of his country.

The documents singed in Havana will allow to expand the work of the Cuban 38-member medical brigade in the African country, and at the same time enable a group of 40 young doctors from Cape Verde graduated from Havanas Latin American School of Medicine to continue post- graduate studies on the Caribbean island.

In addition, Cuba committed to help Cape Verde foster its fishing industry by implementing a program of collaboration in coordination with the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, FAO.

Meanwhile, The Historian's Office of Havana will provide advisory services to the African country in its effort to turn Praia Citys colonial section into a World Heritage Site.

Prior to the signing of the agreements, Victor Manuel Barbosa inaugurated the Amilcar Cabral Department at the University of Havana. Cabral is the Father of Cape Verdes Independence. Victor Manuel Barbosa concluded his official visit to Cuba (

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