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The second Traveling Exhibition of Caribbean Cinema will arrive in Cuba later this year
Jose Juan Ortiz, UNICEF representative in Cuba, told reporters on Wednesday that, as media outlets have a great influence on the cultural formation of children and adolescents, it is very legitimate to show through this initiative the things that are autochthonous to each country of the region.

"To make them feel agents and main actors of their national culture is an essential way to achieve freedom as Cuban National Hero Jose Marti predicted," said Ortiz.

For his part, Rigoberto Lopez, a Cuban filmmaker who co-founded this project, insisted on the importance of the Traveling Exhibition of Caribbean Cinema. He noted that it helps the Caribbean people reaffirm their identity as these works are authentic cultural products.

The first Traveling Exhibition of Caribbean Cinema took place in 2007 and it included works from 15 nations of the region that were exhibited in 18 countries, including the United States and Europe.

The second exhibition this year will also include works from countries with coasts to the Caribbean Sea.


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