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The author of musical pieces, La mulata (The mulatta), Como cambia la gente (How people change), and a vocal interpreter of Cuban, Brazilian and Caribbean folklore, he is also an author and researcher who has left a testimony of his work in books. Among the best known are Poesía anónima africana (Anonymous African poetry), Diálogos imaginarios (Imaginary dialogues) and Diwán Poetas de lenguas africanas (Diwan. Poets in African languages).

He has the National Dance and Cultural Research Awards; he is a honorary doctor from the Higher Art Institute from Havana and member of the Advisory Technical Council of the Cuban Commission in front of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO).

As the play writer and theater director Gerardo Fulleda León expressed: "Furé has taken the resonance of bateyes, solares and kingdoms to different places of the world, nurturing the spirits with the heritage of an ancestral and contemporary culture that sustains national resistance in front of globalization."


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