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An Indian Newspaper Denounces to Posada Carriles Cuban's Terrorist
In a lengthy investigative report titled "My Terrorist, a Good Terrorist," The Sunday Indian weekly exposes that even former Secretary of Defense Henry Kissinger received information about Posada Carriles' macabre plan.

Research journalist Saurabh Kumar Shahi based his inquiry on US National Security, CIA and FBI records.

He recalls that Posada, a terrorist of Cuban origin, was detained in the US for illegal entry in 2005 and released in April 2007 by the US Administration of George W. Bush, despite his well known, thick criminal record.

The documents not only show clearly how Washington, "which is currently claiming to be waging a war against terrorism," used a terrorist like Posada Carriles, but also exposes the way the government protected him and covered up his criminal activities.


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