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A Big Number of Writers, Musicians and Artists they Integrate Galician Delegation to the Cuban Book Fair
A big number of writers, musicians and artists from different artistic expressions will be part of the Galician delegation to the next Cuban International Book Fair, where Galicia will be the guest of honor.

The Galician delegation will take part in about 200 activities during the literary fest, to be held from the 13th of February until the 9th of March in almost 40 cities of Cuba.

The representation has to take advantage of the great opportunity it means the presence of Galicia as a guest in the Cuban exhibition, expressed the vice-president of the Government Board, Anxo Quintana.

At the same time, writer Xosé Neira Vilas emphasized the importance that the Galician culture will be the main star at "the most significant and popular fair in Latin America" and remembered that the symbols of Galicia are directly linked with Cuba.

The delegation will exhibit a tour through the past and present of the Galician literature from the point of view of the authors and the historians and will bring seven specially edited publications for the Cuban fair.

There are two anthologies (poetic and narrative), a book about the presence of the people from Galicia in Cuba, a children story and the magazine Letras de Galicia, among many other publications.

The musical part of the delegation will be formed by the Royal Philharmonic, the interpreters Carlos Núñez, Mercedes Peón, Ixía, Marf and a group made by Cuban and Galician specialists.

In plastic arts there is an anthology of 50 pieces, created in the last 40 years, a group of works made by young painters and an exhibition titled 10 Years of the Galician Comics.

This event will also show several movies made by Miguelanxo Prado, Mario Iglesias, Antón Dobao and Margarita Ledo.

The organizers of the Cuban fair announced that eight and a half millions books will be on sale and over a thousand new titles.


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