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Dialogue with Armando Hart an Expert in the Life of the Cuban's Hero and of the History of Latin America.
The thinking of Jose Marti is re-emerging with great strength, he stated it in an article published at the Patria newspaper the 17th of April of 1894 under the title El alma de la revolución y el deber de Cuba en América (The soul of the revolution and the duty of Cuba in the Americas): "It is a world what we are putting in equilibrium, not just two islands that we are going to free".

That is why we decided to establish a dialogue with an expert in the life of the Hero and of the history of Latin America, Armando Hart, who is not only the director of the Marti Program, but is also finishing the last details to face the Second International Conference For the Equilibrium of the world to be held at the Cuban capital from the 28th up to the 30th of January.

-The main objective of this Conference is to up date about the need to find the cultural Martian foundations for the equilibrium of the world. These foundations were stated at the first Conference, held in 2003. Today in 2008, this situation, as it is known, has deepened. There is a contradiction not only in the heart of the society, but in the mankind with the nature and the further evolution.

-Fidel Castro has described this situation and indicated that if the events do not change the mankind can perish and has indicated that the solution is in the intelligence that we genetically received and that we are not able to use and that the way of using it is to promoting the culture in its widest sense with justice as the main category.

- Regarding Cuba we shall present at the event the history and experience of the Cuban tradition and our national identity that germinated and was born since the last years of the XVIII century until the 20 of October, the day of its birth, linked to the hope of a universal justice.

To search solutions in this sense using the best Cuban traditions is the contribution Cuba will make to this effort and this contribution will be referred, in a great sense, to our country culture, philosophy, politics and social topics.

-When Alexander von Humboldt was in the Americas at the beginnings of the XIX century, he said that out of the countries of the New World, the ones that new better to do politics were Cuba and Venezuela, then emerged Bolivar and Marti. In our times we know that Latin America has today an identity potential in its integration.

These would be the ideas Cuba would like to put to save our specie from the extinction danger. We all need to work in order that our children, grandchildren and descended can enjoy the nature on a Martian principle - To be good is the only way of being happy. To be cultured is the only way of being free (1)--.

What was the role of the workers in the Martis work?

Obviously, it is impossible to talk about the work of Marti and about the organization of the necessary war without talking about the active role placed by the Cuban workers, specially the tobacco workers and their families in Tampa, Key West and other communities in South Florida. They became the organizational and economic support of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, they created their own propaganda and lot of them joined later on the armed fight in Cuba. The 14 of August 1886, Marti said in his letter to the Honduran newspaper La República, that - a new universe is coming towards us, made by the workers.

(1) José Martí complete works, t.8, p. 289. Editora Nacional de Cuba, 1964.


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