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Representatives of the Cuban intellectual movement and of the cultural institution, starting by Rafael Bernal, deputy minister of culture, gathered together at the concert hall of the Havanas Avenida del Puerto to recall the unforgettable pages of the author, such as La situación and Temporada de ángeles.

After outlining the human facet of Lisandro, who won the 2002 National Literature Award, the Historian of the City gave a special emphasis in the continuity and renovation combination Lisandro gave to the academic tasks, by receiving the legacy of Dulce María Loynaz, José Antonio Portuondo and Salvador Bueno and give a new dynamic to the functioning of the entity.

Moments before the evening writers, friends and family stood silent in front of the gravestone at the gardens of the San Francisco convent, the place where rest the ashes of a writer who wanted to fix there his definitely residence on earth.

Ars Longa, under the direction of Teresa Paz, interpreted works of the Cuban composer Esteban Salas. Los bronces se enternezcan and Assumpa est were samples of the control the maestro had over the polyphonic art of his times. In the second piece it is seen the assimilation of the influences of the Italian vocal music from the XVIII century.


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