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The cultural tour made by famous Cuban artists around eastern prisons to come to an end
After the encounters in Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba, Granma and Holguín, the tour headed by the singer and composer Silvio Rodríguez, closed the curtains of this untamed region, with a shown taken place today in Las Tunas, even thought the project is to end on January 28 in Villa Clara.

The encounter was characterized by the insertion of the performances of amateur artists from the prisons with that of Silvio, Alexis Díaz Pimienta, Amaury Pérez, Vicente Feliú, the Sexto Sentido quartet and the writer Reynaldo González, National Literature Award, who donated 302 book titles to the center.

Alas de Colibrí and Cita con ángeles were interpreted by the author of Ojalá, while Feliú went for his traditional repertoire and some ten stanza verses by Antonio Guerrero, one of the five Cuban heroes imprisoned in the United States for fighting against terrorism to which he put music.

Amaury sang and talked jokingly with those present, while Díaz Pimienta showed his skills as improviser, expert in tunes and seguidilla.

While music made the hearts happier, professionals from plastic arts from he provinces and amateurs of painting from the prisons gave the final touches to two murals, in one of them they made a reference to Silvios songs and in the other they showed the symbols of our homeland.

The show reached its climax when a music band composed by prisoners interpreted La caldosa de Kike y Marina, a song which caught the visiting artists as well as the spectators.


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