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Tribute in memory of the writer Lisandro Otero
In memory of the man who was also the 2002 National Literature Award, the antique music band Ars Longa played the leading role in a concert with pieces by Esteban Salas (1725-1803), of whom that group has rescued and promoted important pieces and is considered the first Cuban academic composer.

His music is integrated to the tributes which have been paid to the famous intellectual, with a wide legacy to Cuban and Latin American culture with his novels and the profound journalist work, which lashed neo-liberal globalization and its disastrous consequences for the people.

Intellectuals, friends, family members and the general public assisted to this tribute, which is added to the one made some days ago with a condolence book signed by personalities from the field of culture in the venue of the Cuban language Academy, of which he was its President until his death.

During the next few days, the Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (Association of Writers and Artists from Cuba) (UNEAC in Spanish) of which he was a member, will pay a tribute to Lisandro Otero, who was a 1963 Casa de las Americas Award with his book La situación (The situation), he displayed a diplomatic work for several years of his life and he was a National cultural journalism Award.

The death of this important creator caused a huge consternation among Cuban and Latin American intellectuals.


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