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Meeting of Economists on Globalization and Development Problems to be held March, in Havana, Cuba.

In statements to Opciones weekly, Vice President of ANEC (National Association of Cuban Economists and Accountants) Esther Aguilera expressed that is the main topic of the tenth International Encounter of Globalization and Problems of Development.

Participants at the event will review the main conclusions of the nine previous gatherings, which have been attended by eight Nobel laureates, six from economy and two Peace prizewinners, academics and researches from many different universities around the world, as well as representatives of multi-lateral organizations and UN agencies.

The organizing committee is already working hard to guarantee a space for analysis, debate and reflection, within a framework of respect towards different perspectives.

Some of the highly topical issues included in the agenda are: new globalization trends and their impact on underdeveloped economies, theoretical and methodological conceptions on development from the point of view of underdevelopment, the economic and social impact of neo-liberal policies, and the Millennium Goals.

We will be accompanied by the Vatican's president of the Sciences Academy Monsignor Sanchez Sorondo and Nobel economy prizewinner Robert Mundell, as well as presidents of central and developments banks of several countries.

Representatives of the European Parliament, ministers and vice ministers, and officials from different sectors and countries will also be accompanying us, she informed.

Executives from multilateral financial organizations, specifically the World Bank, and UN agencies will also participate.

Sociologists like Win Diercksen and economists Andres Solimano and Samir Amin are frequent delegates to the encounter.

Members of Ecuador's Constituent Assembly will also be present, and the Economic Commission for Latin America will be represented by its general secretary Hugo Luis Machinea, Aguilera said.


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