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Jorge Fornet, chief of the Center of Literary Investigations from the Casa, announced in a press conference that the genres to compete are poetry, short stories, social-historical essays, Brazilian literature and Caribbean literature in French and Creole.

The city of Cienfuegos, will receive again the group of intellectuals which will be in charge of evaluating the originals presented. The Mexican narrator Mario Bellatin, the Chilean poet and essay writer Carmen Berenguer, the Cuban professor and researcher Mayra Espina, the Brazilian scholar José Luis Jobim and the French critic Francoise Moulín, are among the personalities that make up the jury.

Gonzalo Rojas (1967 Casa Award), who will present his poetry anthology Contra la muerte y otras visiones (Against death and other visions), will read the opening words of the event sponsored by the institution.

The presentation of the books awarded in the 2007 edition and the opening, on the 28th of the exhibition A La Habana me voy (I go to Havana), from the famous Mexican painter José Luis Cuevas, will be among the collateral activities of this cultural festival.

Also, important moments in the program will be the concerts by the flute player Niurka González and Solistas de La Habana, on Sunday 20th, at 7:00 p.m., at the Iglesia de Paula; and that of Miriam Ramos and Rolando Lunas, on the 29th at 8:30 p.m., in the Che Guevara room from the Casa, where will also be held, two days later, the closing ceremony of the event.


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