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General Elections Conclude in Cuba, the almost 39 thousand polling stations closed at 18:00 local time.
After opening the ballot boxes, the members of the electoral boards began counting the votes, process which the Electoral Law of 1982 makes public.

At 12:30 local time, over 7.6 million citizens had attended the polling stations, for 89.71 percent of the registered voters, said Tomas Amaran, Secretary of the National Electoral Commission.

Elections define the situation of 1,815 aspirants for the same number of seats in the provincial governments and the National Assembly, which in turn will choose the 31 members of the Cuban State Council on February 24.

Vice President Carlos Lage and First Vice President Raul Castro Ruz said they would support the reelection of Fidel Castro as President of the State Council.

The Cuban President voted after a member of the electoral board of the constituency where he should vote went to the place where he is now recovering.

"We will show the world our conscience, our culture," he said in a message sent to the Cuban population.

For Raúl Castro, the elections constitute a very important step for the new Parliament"s election in a complex stage, in which we have to face different situations and big decisions.

Lage stated that the foundations of the system electoral Cuban are a reason for pride and satisfaction for all Cuban inhabitants.

Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque stated that the new Parliament will have to be faithful to the command and wish of the Cuban people of working to strengthen the Revolution and socialism in Cuba.

General elections were summoned by the State Council in July and their first phase was sealed in October with the election of more than 15,000 councilmen for the People s Power 169 Municipal Assemblies.

The definitive results of the elections should be disclosed Monday afternoon, electoral authorities said in advance.


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