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Cuban President Fidel Castro exercised his right to vote Sunday in Havana.
Fidel Castro Sends Message to Cuban Voters.
The whole text of the message was read in the polling station Number One of the Circunscription 13 in Havana s municipality of Plaza de la Revolución, where Fidel Castro voted through a member of that Electoral Board who visited him, as follows: To Fellow Citizens of the West Cold winds from the North, accompanied by drizzle and rain, in the western region of the country, pretend to conspire against our elections.

I have already fulfilled my duty, but I didn t get wet. I had the privilege that a member of the Electoral Board of my polling station visited me, the same as others in my case.

I chose the united vote as a matter of conscience.

In spite of the weather, already at 08:15 in the morning, I was informed that over 25 percent of those registered had voted.

We will show the world our conscience and our culture in the Western zone of the country, each one choosing the most adequate hour and adequately protecting themselves to vote before six this afternoon.

íPatria o Muerte!


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