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In a statement made to Prensa Latina he said that the event will be made in a crucial moment, when the vice president, Raúl Castro, has called the society to express their opinions and points of view about the reality of the country.

"The avant-garde of the writers and artists are in that way, opening those breaches for our socialism and our revolution can consolidate itself, can be enriched and renewed", he indicated.

According to Barnet, the meeting will be held at the Convention Palace from the 1st until the 4th of April, "in those days we will have work sessions, commissions and special interventions".

The topics will be culture and society, economy of the culture, culture and tourism, international relationships and national and international cultural promotion.

"I always insist in an UNEAC with a new spirit and positive perspective. I believe the avant-garde has in its hands that responsibility, as it has always had", he added.

Barnet, the National Literature Award winner took part in an assembly with the UNEAC members in Matanzas, a city about 100 kilometers east from Havana.

The meeting refleced the challenges of the Cuban reality and the role of culture in defense of the identities of the people.


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