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Together With Havana City Las Tunas Will Be Part of the International Ballet Festival.
The news filled with joy to the assistants to the annual assembly that analyzed the work carried out by the provincial Direction of Culture in the year that has just concluded. It constitutes a prize to the workers of this field and to the people of Las Tunas for the work they made in the culture during the last period.

In fact the performance in 2007 of the National Ballet of Cuba in Tunas Theater with the presence of the excellent ballerina, is next to the realization of the first encounter of guitar orchestras and that of the troubadours, one of the fundamental events happened in this important social sphere in this eastern territory.

The achievements of the program of cultural development, the events carried out in different manifestations, as well as the Book Fair, the festival of film appreciation, that of magic, the days of the theater and of concert music, and the opening of almost four thousand of workshops for the creation and for the artistic appreciation, are some of the tasks prioritized to contribute to the culture of the people.

Nevetheles, in this territory an edge that continues worrying the artists and creators is the promotion of their work in the provincial and national level, because in occasions the mass media echo of foreign proposals without value and that has anything to do with the cultural roots of the Cuban people.

Las Tunas is a province that counts with more than four thousand affiliated workers to the culture who have demonstrated an upward development in their activity, with the result that the main objectives for this year aim to foment the approach of the institutions and cultural organizations to the people, so that the culture continues having a predominant role in the social life of the territory.


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