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First Caribbean Dictionary Edited in Cuba
A Caribbean dictionary created by Cuban linguistics experts is ready to be published as a new step towards the cultural integration of the region.

Cuba's Center for Applied Linguistics (CLA) will expand its impact on Caribbean countries, with the Academic of Sciences of Cuba Vitelio Ruiz said Tuesday referring to the new dictionary.

Ruiz, also founder of the Santiago de Cuba affiliate of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, said the Caribbean dictionary was made in collaboration with experts from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Colombia.

CLA makes a special contribution to the rapprochement of peoples every two years, with the International Symposiums of Social Communication, to celebrate its 11th edition by 2009.

According to Ruiz, experts from the five continents are expected to participate as traditionally.

The performance of CLA and of Santiago de Cuba's scientific community was recognized by Jose Antonio Diaz Duque, Vice Minister of Science, Technology and environment.


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