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An inscription that makes everlasting the declaration as National Monument to the Fragua Martiana Museum was unveiled in this capital.

That condition, given by the Ministry of Culture, was obtained by the institution in 1996 due to its exceptional character in preserving a part of the quarries where José Martíi worked in his teen ages, when he suffered political imprisoned.

Lázaro Díaz, director of the institution, explained AIN that this ceremony is part of the events for the 208 anniversary of the Havana University, last 5th of January, and the 155 birth date of the Hero of Cuban independence next 28th of January.

Rubén Zardoya, rector of the University expressed that the three hundred years institution was also the class room of the young Martí where the leader learned to love knowledge and sacrifice.

He indicated that nowadays 47 thousand young men and women study in this university, distributed in the 15 municipalities seat.

Havana University was founded the 5 of January 1728 by an order of the Spanish Crown and its first title was Real y Pontificia.

The first two declarations of National Monuments in 1978 were manuscripts and documents of José Martí the National Hero of Cuba and the City of Bayamo, the first city taken by the rebels and the place where the government in arms was created. Bayamo was also the place where the National Hymn was written and for the first time heard and it was burned down before given to the enemy.


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