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 La Colmenita succeeds once again in Seville
The Childrens Theater Company La Colmenita captivated hundreds and hundreds of spectators in Seville, Spain, thanks to their show La Cenicienta según Los Beatles... (Cinderella according to the Beatles...). Press headlines such as "La Colmenita goes beyond itself in its Seville premiere" and "Ambassadors of Smiles, La Colmenita attacks again," demonstrate it.

December is turning out to be grey and somewhat rainy in Seville, but nobody stays at home. Everyone goes to their meeting with La Colmenita. As soon as the curtains go up, the cold remains at the theater doors, and a warm light fills it all," is written in one of the newspapers.

"Cinderella according to the Beatles... how will they do it? We ask ourselves, those of us who already know of the good artistic performance of these children. Doubts begin to fade away quickly.... The Let it be from La Colmenita moves us, and when nostalgia is about to enter the room, the son cuts through it and its accords rise the public, more and more devoted every time. How different might the story be if it is told from tenderness, laughter and humanity made future. That is La Colmenita. The Beatles and Cuba sing through the mouth of La Colmenita. Emotive, great.

In another article, before performing at the Central Theater, the most famous one of that European city, appeared: "The opening function has taken place at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Sevilla (Higher Seville Dance Conservatory), at the Avenida de la Palmera, and it has included a numerous public, which once again has been fascinated by the performance of these Cuban children, whose artistic talent has been recognized in the most prestigious Theater Festivals of the world. Those who want to have fun with the best Ambassadors of the most humane and talented Cuba still have time."

Contacted by JR, Carlos Alberto Cremata, director of the group explained that "this is very emotive, because we have not just had our performances in important theaters, but like in Cuba, we have also performed and interacted in many schools, health centers and we held a very special performance in a center for people with serious cerebral disabilities, and it was one of the most beautiful moments that has ever happened to La Colmenita ever."

All of these performances are being collected in a documentary shot by a group of moviemakers from Seville, commented Cremata, who informed that this tour of the Good Will Ambassadors from UNICEF to Andalusia is the result of an invitation of the Seville Communist Youth and from the United Youth, from their responsibility at the lead of the Delegation of the Youth at the Seville Town hall.


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