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Social Infrastructure Boosted in Cuba
Some 7,200 construction projects were concluded in Cuba over the past eight years in the areas of health care, education, culture and sports.

Included in the massive effort are 1,104 schools, residential buildings for teachers, a network of polytechnic education centers, the inauguration of the University of Information Technology, the refurbishing and remodelling of 250 health care centers, the construction of 600 medical rehabilitation wards, along with the reconstruction and modernization of hospitals.

Construction plans for 2008 will prioritize the building of houses, the
repair of thoroughfares, projects within the national energy program,
facilities in the food-processing industry, hydrological infrastructure
and the tourist sectors.

Other projects will continue to improve conditions in health care
centers and hospitals along with modernizing equipment. To boost
current plans, Cubans are trying to further develop local production of building materials, including plumbing, electric and water-supply


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