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 Lage Meets with Indian Parliament Leader
Carlos Lage Davila, vice president of the Cuban Council of State, and Somnath Chatterjee, speaker of Indias lower house of the parliament, met on Monday in Havana, assuring that relations between the two countries would grow stronger.

Chatterjee heads a visiting delegation of legislators from the Asian country of 1.2 billion inhabitants that arrived over the weekend. He expressed appreciation for the warm welcoming in Cuba and said he feels among friends.

Chatterjee pointed out that his delegation includes deputies from all the political parties represented in the Indian parliament, which has two chambers, the lower (Lok Sabha) with 545 members and the upper (Rajya Sabha) with 250.

Mitra Vasisht, the Indian ambassador in Cuba, was also present at the meeting between Lage and Chatterjee.

Earlier in the day, the Indian visitors met with Cuban parliament President Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada.

Meanwhile, Alarcon highlighted Indias efforts in favor of peace, progress and understanding among peoples, calling them essential elements in these times.

(Periodico 26)

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