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Enrique de la Osa journalism investigation competition
Competition that has the following requirements:

1. Can take part every Cuban journalist who work in journalist research in any Cuban written media.

2. The participants can send articles or investigation published between the 1st of February 2006 and the 1st of February 2008 and made individually or as a group.

3. There wont be accepted more that one work from each author of group of authors.

4. The works should be identified with the name and address of the author, the date and the media that published it and must be sent by postal mail or hand delivery in original and one copy to:

Revista BOHEMIA.

Ave. Independencia esquina a San Pedro. Plaza de la Revolución, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba. Código Postal 10 696.

5. The deadline is the 30th of March 2008.

6. The jury will deliver one award and as many mentions as it considers.

7. The jury decision will be unappealable and will be given during the celebrations for the centenary of the publication.

8. To take part in the competition implies the agreement with these terms.


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