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The creation of new brigades for the building of housings will be this year a viable alternative in the diverse ministeries and companies to help their workers to solve that necessity, more and more urgent in this eastern province of Las Tunas.

During the last year this province could not complete the foreseen plan and only reached 81.2 percent, with 3, 307 houses, while in the precedent period the indicator was only 57.3 percent.

The new brigades will be created in dozens of big companies, provincial ministries, and other entities that assume the role of executioners to build housings that benefit to the communities of workers, with the purpose of advancing quickly on this critical problem in the current Cuban society.

This will require to increase this year the flow of the resources that are assigned by the Central Administration of the State, which has deficit of transport; and on the other hand, to increase the production of construction materials, whose local reservations are not still exploited with efficiency, in accordance with the existent potential.
The provincial director for the Housing, José Rubén Peña, stated that although the figure of new houses was 18.8 percent below the planning, the repair was superior in some 800 constructive actions, regarding the previous year.

The plans for the stage in course will also demand to boost the constructions and other tasks with own efforts in the residential areas, where the families still need to improve their homes, worsened during the economic crisis in the last 17 years.


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