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Tínima Brewery widens prospects in 2008
After a successful year, reflected in the production of some 11 million 24-bottle-beer cases, the workers of the Tinima Brewery in Camaguey slides into the year 2008 with magnificent investment prospects and a wider offer.

Rescuing other 12 reactors, to elevate to 36 the capacity to storage the malt, assembling a new line of production and boosting exports are the main goals which the company has focused on, to assure a biggest presence of the local brand of beer in the international market.

Last December, the labourers of this brewery produced over 1 200 000 cases of beer and malt; in different packaging -that is in bottle, in aluminium barrel and in bulk- to guarantee trade commitments in 12 provinces of Cuba.

A stronger 13 degree beer -bottled in a smaller container- and marketed in convertible Cuban pesos at the hard-currency stores is one of the challenges the industry will have to face in the upcoming months, as part of its development and integral use of its potentials.

Together with the advances, the brewers of this industry have embraced a commitment that is to maintain the condition as Best Brewery of the country over the last emulation stages.

The Tínima Brewery was inaugurated on December 23th, 1985, by President Fidel Castro.

(Radio Cadena Agramonte).

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