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Housing  Program Benefited from  Iron and Steel Plant in Ciego de Ávila
More than 1 500 roofs for Cuban houses have been benefited this year with the galvanized zinc tiles produced by the Indalecio Montejo Iron and Steel Plant in Ciego de Ávila.

That contribution of the plant represents the diversification of its products since it was achieved because of the implementation of a technological innovation with sectors own resources, which allowed the country to save 150,000 dollars.

The innovation, valued in only 2 000 pesos (national currency), consists on a machine that provides the tile with the wavy shape, a support part for the metal roll, rollers and shears, as informed by Fernando Fernández Hernández, head of the metallic pipes workshop.

Some 360 pieces of are produced In each shift. Each piece is 3, 80 cm long, but they can reach 4, 2 cm, according to the client's order, the Head added

The Indalecio Montejo Plant also contributes to the housings program development by means of the production of beams, of which more than 1,794 have already been delivered. More than 14 000 houses have been favored with this production.

The Plant staff is also responsible for the production of steel pipes of different diameters to transfer gas and air at the energy generation places as well as polyethylene tubes reinforced with fibber glass and steel pipes for drinkable water aqueducts.


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