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Agricultural and Forest Technicians Receive International Help for Different Projects in Las Tunas
More than 500, 000 Cuban convertible pesos invested the Association of Agricultural and Forest Technicians (ACTAF) in development projects for the ecological and sustainable urban agriculture, in several municipalities of this eastern province of Las Tunas.

The financing was contributed by the NGOs OXFAM from Canada, IVO from Netherlands, CARE Canada and OXFAM from United Kingdom and Pueblo a Pueblo, from the Basque country, to cooperate in the reorganization of the sugar agriculture ministry in the northern municipality of Manatí, the creation of eight farms of medicinal plants and helps and prize to outstanding individual producers.

Other destinations of the received international financing are the recovery of the watering systems and the structures of the organ kitchen gardens that were destroyed in the municipality of Puerto Padre by the intense rains and floods, caused by the tropical storm Noel that also razed with crop productions and horticultural nurseries.

According to Dania Freire González, president of ACTAF in the province, those were some of the most outstanding missions that the executive of the organization carried out in the 2007. She also said that the integration of resources and actions were in essence the main success, although not less important was to continue with the workshops to qualify the rural woman.

Also for first time the ACTAF received a Fund of Forest Development, to train the responsible of the farms in the sustainable forest handling and in the form of receiving that state help.


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