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Fidel Castro Receives Messages for 49th Anniversary of the Revolution.
The presidents Daniel Ortega, from Nicaragua, and Alexander Lukashenko, from Byelorrussia, sent congratulation messages to the president from Cuba, Fidel Castro, for the 49th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution that was commemorated on January first.

Ortega specifies that the Nicaraguans, the heroic and combatant people of Augusto César Sandino wishes Fidel and Cuba many happy returns of the anniversary with his wisdom that illuminates the combative conscience of the World.

According to the Cuban News Agency, Lukashenko highlights the active cooperation between Byelorrussia and Cuba at international level and the combined resistance against the political dictation in international matters. He also underlines that there is a base of trust between both countries for the development of a political, economical and cultural cooperation.

On the other hand, the Spanish Communist Party greets the new anniversary of the victory of the Cuban Revolution and its strength and determination to continue advancing in the year 2008, in a message subscribed by José Luis Centella, secretary of International Relationships that stands out the advances experienced by Cuba in the political and social fields during 2007.

The missive expressed the pride to share with the Cuban people the hopes of building a new world, a society based on the social justice and in the solidarity among the peoples. The document also reiterates the necessity to reinforce the actions for the freedom of the Cuban Five, antiterrorists, political prisoners in the United States.

The Peruvian Communist Party highlights that Cuba is a bastion for the Latin American countries in the fight against the imperialism, for a fairer, worthy and sovereign homeland and for the socialism as alternative to the wild system of imperialistic dominance. It also stands out that the undeniable revolutionary people of Cuba has resisted for more than 40 years the criminal and economic blockade of the United States.

In Barcelona, the capital of the autonomy of Catalonia, hundreds of people participated in an meeting of solidarity with Cuba, convoked by the Associations José Martí and Cubans in Catalonia, together with with the General Consulate of the Caribbean Island.


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